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Bergamo mini corner sofa

Is convenience your priority? Don’t you just love to relax quietly at home? If you dream of upholstered furniture featuring superior levels of comfort in a compact package, the Bergamo mini corner sofa is exactly what you need.


Bergamo mini corner sofa: perfect for small studios

Are you fitting out a small flat and still need a big, comfortable lounge suite to enjoy the best quality in relaxation? The Bergamo mini corner sofa is ideal for small studios. It measures 270x180x90 cm, for you to relax easily without overwhelming the room. The Bergamo mini is a sleeper model, a great convenience for those who live in small studio flats. The sofa is easily and intuitively converted into a bed using the pull-out and fold-out system. The spacious bedlinen storage in the ottoman makes it very easy to keep the sofa and the room tidy, to enjoy your daytime and evening leisure.


Bergamo mini furniture: modern with superior quality

The Bergamo mini corner sofa is not just functional, it is extremely comfortable. This comes from the seats based on a system of continuous springs and T30 foam, providing optimum softness and resilience to maintain the right posture for the body. The comfortable adjustable headrests bring the level of comfort up to what you are dreaming of. It is specifically designed with a modern feel and appearance. The seemingly simple, classic structure accents create a bolder look and feel. The smart recesses in the armrest outer sides add refinement as well as handy storage. The stylish leather-like upholstery with its bold, contrasting colour tones ensures that this corner sofa makes an excellent centrepiece.
The Bergamo mini corner sofa is best for small flats owned by people who love elegantly designed furniture.

Adjustable headrests
Recessed outer armrests
Sleeper corner sofa
Spacious bedlinen storage in the ottoman
Upholstered back
Available in several colour options

Corner sofa width: 270 cm
Corner sofa length: 180 cm
Height w/headrests: 98 cm
Seat cushion depth: 63 cm
Mattress height: 43 cm
Sleeping surface: 220x135 cm

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