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Caramel bed

When choosing a new bed for your bedroom, you should be guided not only by the aesthetics but also the comfort. Choose the Caramel bed for a deeper sleep and beautiful aesthetics.


Caramel – perfect in its simplicity

For most the bedroom is a favourite place to be, with the bed as its focal point, so it needs to be both comfortable and functional. The Caramel bed ensures your full relaxation during the day and during the night. The high headboard greatly improves your level of rest every day, allowing you to lean back while reading a book without touching the wall, so the latter remains clean and intact. The stitching emphasises the very elegant style of the furniture. There is also the issue of measurements. The Caramel is suitable for most bedrooms, as it is available in the following choice of four sizes: 140/160/180/200x200 cm (55/62/70/79x79″), which guarantees that two people can rest in comfort. The bed is available with either a wooden or a metal support frame. For the latter we gain a place to store bedding, allowing us to maintain order by storing seasonal clothes or bedding in it. An additional advantage of the metal support is the gas-strut lifter, so we can lift the upper part of the bed with little effort. The Caramel bed suits any style of interior, whether it is simple and classic, or even modern. The wide range of colours allows you to match the bed to the bedroom décor. This piece of furniture is made of high quality materials and has a solid frame, thanks to which you can use it for many years.

The meticulously crafted Caramel bed gives you the opportunity for pleasing and refreshing rest.

Available in four sizes

High headboard with stitched accents

Our range includes beds featuring a wooden or a metal frame (the latter offers large underbed storage)

Available in a wide selection of colours

Bed width options: 160/180/200/220 cm (62/70/79/87″)

Bed length: 223 cm (88″)

Bed height: 93 cm (51″)

Bed height w/o mattress: 34 cm (13″)

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