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Beds that are adjustable by remote control

Improve how you relax at home, by choosing a Clover box spring.


Electric box spring Clover

The Clover continental bed with electric remote control is a new option for anyone who values comfort of the highest level. The controller allows you to adjust the height of the mattresses to your individual needs. The head and foot height adjustment increases the comfort and practicality of the whole bed. The adjustable Clover bed is equipped with three separate mattresses, together creating a spacious sleeping zone high above the floor, which also makes it easier to get up from the bed every day. The top of the bed is covered with a topper, which helps to keep the bed clean and hygienic. The durable frame is completely covered with upholstery fabric. The high, soft headboard with regular quilting is both elegant and modern, offering additional protection from contact with the wall.


Clover continental bed - perfect for the modern bedroom

The mattresses can be adjusted by the 2 remotes, located on either side of the bed. The box spring is stable thanks to its chrome legs, which also give the bed a very impressive look. The bed is available in the following choice of four sizes: 90/140/160/180x200 cm (38/55/62/70x79″). The quiet and smooth lifting of your back and legs, under the control of a practical remote, guarantees relaxation and deep sleep. The wide range of colours ensures the bed matches the interior of the bedroom, especially one in the glamour style.

The Clover was created to ensure you achieve healthy rest. Make all that the time you spend in the bedroom special, by choosing an electric box spring.

Bed frame adjustable by remote control

Available in four sizes

Upholstered back

Bonnell spring mattress and topper

Stylish tufted headrest

Elegant chrome legs

Bed width: 109/158/178/198 cm (43/62/70/78″)

Bed length: 217 cm (85″)

Bed height: 130 cm (51″)

Mattress height: 67 cm (26″)

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