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Karen corner sofa

Modern styling that goes with classic, proven layouts: this is the Karen corner sofa, loved for its appearance by those who want their furniture to be anything but mundane.


Karen corner sofas: the solution for modern living rooms

Not satisfied with classic corner sofas? If you are looking for upholstered furniture unlike anything popular on the market today, then you cannot go wrong with the Karen corner sofa. This U-shaped premium model provides the maximum level of comfort. This comes from the optimum profile of the backrests in the form of supple cushions, and the seating bolstered with continuous springs and padded with T30 foam. Measuring 318x88x180 cm, this is sure to make the perfect centrepiece when furnishing any large living room. You can choose the upholstery colour you like best, but the Karen provides more advantages, such as the contrasting inserts across the whole sofa and the backrest bends that give the whole a pleasantly bold appearance. The upholstery material is resistant to wear and tear so that you can enjoy the splendid, refined appearance for many years.


Karen furniture: well-styled all-rounders

The Karen corner sofa is functional. Aside from plenty of sitting space for you to rest during the day, it can be folded out for a good night’s sleep. In the folded-out configuration, enabled by the pull-out and flippable cushions, the sofa makes a 125x240 cm bed. It features two separate bedlinen storage units in the ottomans. The uncommon style of the Karen makes it a perfectly harmonious match for classic, modern and industrial living rooms.
The Karen corner sofa is the best choice if you value high comfort, unique design and all-round functionality.

Profiled backrest with rounded edges
Sleeper corner sofa
Spacious bedlinen storage in the ottomans
Available in several colour options

Corner sofa width: 318 cm
Corner sofa length: 180 cm
Corner sofa height: 88 cm
Seat cushion depth: 45 cm
Mattress height: 44 cm
Sleeping surface: 240x125 cm

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