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Lauren foam mattress

The comfort of the body during sleep is essential for your sense of well-being. If you want to sleep healthily, choose a mattress with the right construction. A perfect one is the Lauren foam mattress.


Lauren foam mattress: maximum levels of comfort guaranteed

Polyurethane foam mattresses are quite popular. This is due to their simple design and the high quality of the material. Aside from a 6 cm thick layer of T2542 foam, the Lauren features a 2 cm profiled top layer of HR foam. The mattress is finished with a case which protects the stuffing from damage and keeps everything clean. The stuffing used for the Lauren ranks it among the best mattresses, ensuring great levels of quality sleep. With its high resilience, it is very resistant to deformation and unsightly depressions through years of use. Another great advantage is that it dampens vibrations, which means undisturbed sleep.


Lauren foam mattress, direct from the manufacturer: superior quality finish

Foam mattresses rank among the most popular. Their simple structure provides good resilience, thermal insulation and air circulation, with the latter making the mattresses breathable. This in turn guarantees that they stay clean and safe, including for children and allergy sufferers. The two types of foam in the stuffing of the Lauren ensures high-quality healthy and peaceful sleep.
If you want to keep your spine safe from strain, choose a stable and properly profiled mattress which optimally supports the body. The Lauren foam mattress maintains an excellent posture for the body and ensures great satisfaction.

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