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Olivia Bonnell spring mattress

Do you prefer your bed to be rather firm and stable? Get a Bonnell spring mattress. If you need a mattress which guarantees optimum body support, the Olivia is a hard choice to beat!


Olivia Bonnell spring mattress: advanced construction for healthy sleeping

The Olivia is based on heavy-duty, robust Bonnell springs, endowing the mattress with the required level of firmness, body support and relaxation of the spine. The level of comfort is enhanced further with two layers of felt padding above and below the spring assembly, to prevent premature wear. The top of the mattress features a 2 cm thick layer of profiled, resilient HR foam. It greatly improves the quality of sleep while protecting the spine by reducing the strain on it and maintaining its correct posture. The mattress is finished with a fabric case which resists dirt, keeping the product clean for a long time. It is superior in the level of comfort and stability it offers, and is a popular choice among those suffering from recurring back pain. With its advanced construction, the Olivia guarantees a sense of relief and relaxes the muscles while you sleep.

Olivia Bonnell spring mattress, direct from the manufacturer: a perfect match for you

The Olivia is more than its advanced construction, encompassing superior levels of functionality. This mattress has high resilience, with high attenuation of any vibrations and resistance to heavy loads. The air circulation through the mattress is optimum, which makes the Olivia a great choice for allergy sufferers. The mattress is available in several sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, which makes it easy to find one for any bed size.
If you are looking for a strong, properly profiled mattress which is easy on your spine and very comfortable, the Olivia is bound to exceed your wildest dreams, for you to enjoy every night.

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