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Rocco boxspring bed

Looking for a comfy, single bed for a small bedroom? The Rocco boxspring bed could be what you need.


Rocco boxspring bed: perfect for small bedrooms

Bedrooms can often fit king-sized beds, which as a consequence take up much floor space. What if you prefer to use less space but still want to sleep comfortably? The Rocco is the answer! It is a continental boxspring. Measuring 90x200 cm, it is large enough for a quality night’s rest and yet easily fits in a smaller bedroom. The simple design features great care for the finish, while the tall headboard makes it a perfect choice for Scandinavian, modern, minimalist and loft style bedrooms. The upholstery is available in a range of colours, so the bed easily becomes the centrepiece of your bedroom.

Rocco boxspring bed: functionality paired with comfort

The continental boxspring beds are acclaimed for their superior quality of sleep and their functionality. These qualities come from the high mattress, the upholstered frame, and the spacious bedlinen storage, all added values for bedroom spaces. The Rocco has a 20 cm thick Bonnell spring mattress. For improved comfort and stability, the mattress features a layer of T25 foam on both sides and a separate 4 cm thick topper of T21 foam. Yet another advantage is the bedlinen storage, accessible by lifting the mattress base, to keep the bedroom tidy during the day or night. The spring-action lift and the reversible opening side makes the storage effortless and intuitive to access. These features are popular with anyone who likes good looking bedroom furniture with convenient functionality.

If you are looking for a stylish and comfortable bed which blends in well with small bedrooms, provides the best quality sleep, then the Rocco boxspring bed is a full match with your expectations.

Perfect for small rooms
Refined metal legs
Tall headboard
Wide selection of colour options
Large bedlinen storage divided into three compartments

Bed width: 90 cm
Bed length: 205 cm
Bed height: 126 cm
Base height: 60 cm

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