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Moska latex foam mattress

When furnishing your bedroom, do not forget to select a mattress which perfectly suits your preferences. If you are looking to care for your health and well-being by protecting your spine from different disorders, choose the very durable, comfortable Moska latex foam mattress.


Moska latex foam mattress: ideal combinations of materials

If you like soft beds yet you need a mattress offering good support for your body while you sleep and minimise any shaking as you roll over at night, the Moska is a choice you will certainly not regret. This mattress is a combination of flexible, failure-resistant T2542 foam and a 2 cm layer of latex foam to provide the required resilience and comfort. It is covered with a robust case made from the highest quality fabric, which is easy to clean. The Moska’s stuffing provides good air circulation through the structure. This means that it does not accumulate dust and is anti-allergic, making it friendly for adults and children suffering high sensitivity to allergens.

Moska latex foam mattress, direct from the manufacturer: maximum comfort in sleep guaranteed

The Moska is available in many sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, so you can easily enjoy one regardless of your bed size and type. The mattress features multi-point body stabilization, which not only provides a high level of comfort, but it also relieves the spine, allowing you to sleep much better and feel more vigorous every morning. The Moska is especially recommended for children. The correct format and ability to conform to the body shape and size neutralises the risk of developing postural disorders.
To ensure your well-being and make you feel healthier, you need to care for how you sleep. If you want to feel rested and say goodbye to your backache, choose the Moska latex foam mattress.

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