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Trevisco corner sofa

The living room is the heart of every home, so it is important that we present it well. If you want to endow your room with a touch of elegance, choose some distinctive lounge furniture. The Trevisco corner sofa is perfect in this capacity.


Trevisco corner sofas: chic and style in one

Plenty of space, modern styling and a traditional configuration make this sofa elegant and highly functional. The Trevisco corner sofa is synonymous with comfort and versatility. The universal layout and 272x212x100 cm size means this sofa can easily fit living rooms both large and small. The corner sofa features an optimally-profiled backrest topped with adjustable headrests to enhance the level of comfort, with slightly angled armrests to add the final touch. The precision accent stitching and the highest quality of upholstery fabric make the corner sofa exceptionally elegant.


Trevisco corner sofa: a perfect match for your life

The Trevisco is the essence of functionality. You can have it in an upholstery colour to match your overall living design to help create a harmonious indoor landscape. Apart from being a spacious sofa to relax on during the day, it also converts into an excellent bed for the night. The pull-out sleeper provides 127x210 cm of comfortable bed space. To enhance its level of comfort, the corner sofa features bedlinen storage accessed beneath the tilt-open ottoman. The issue of comfort aside, the Trevisco corner sofa provides optimum protection for the spine and proper positioning of the body, whether sitting upright or reclining. This comes from stuffing fine tuned to the nature of the sofa. The continuous spring stuffing is padded with T30 foam for a resilient, flexible feel.
When furnishing your living room, make sure you choose a good corner sofa to become the centrepiece of your space. The Trevisco provides a very refined appearance with a superior level of comfort.

Universal layout to fit small and large rooms
Profiled backrests
Adjustable headrests
Wide, tilted armrests
Quick pull-out bed conversion
Spacious bedlinen storage in the tilt-open ottoman
Seating with continuous springs and T30 foam padding
Wide selection of colour options

Corner sofa width: 272 cm
Corner sofa length: 216 cm
Height w/cushions: 100 cm
Height w/o cushions: 86 cm
Seat cushion depth: 60 cm
Mattress height: 41 cm
Sleeping surface: 127x210 cm

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