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Verso corner sofa

Simple, refined and functional: this is the Verso corner sofa, a perfect choice for the modern interior.


Verso corner sofa: tasteful minimalism

The Verso stands out with its tested and proven construction, and L shape layout. Thanks to this it makes an easy fit for both large and small living spaces. The wide armrest has a gentle slope while the slightly rounded off backrest is soft yet stable, and when coupled with wide seats then superior quality relaxation is assured. The simple form is refined with an array of subtle accents, including stylish stitching and decorative legs. The Verso corner sofa is available in two-tone colour options, where the base and sides share a colour which contrasts well with the backrest, the seat and the armrest top. You can personalise it with a subdued colour in order to perfectly match the style of your living room, or instead choose a higher contrast to achieve a striking finish.


Verso corner sofa: comfort maximised

Measuring 270x212x87 cm, the corner sofa is a great place to relax comfortably throughout the day. It is also a sleeper sofa, with a pull-out drawer system to transform it into a 195x135 cm bed. The Verso features convenient bedlinen storage inside the tilt-open ottoman seat. The seating is another significant advantage. Flexible and comfortable, it offers adequate support and is resistant to sinking under our weight. This is the benefit of the stuffing formed by continuous springs and T30 foam. The sofa is minimalist in overall styling, harmonising with the predominant themes of modern and industrial living spaces.
If you are looking for the right balance between elegance and simplicity, the Verso corner sofa is the upholstered choice for you.

L-shaped layout
Wide, slightly tipped armrest
Stable, rounded backrest
Accent stitching
Stylish legs
Available in two-tone versions in a wide selection of fabrics
Sleeper bed with convenient conversion system
Bedlinen storage in the ottoman
Upholstered back

Corner sofa width: 265 cm
Corner sofa length: 208 cm
Height w/cushions: 87 cm
Height w/o cushions: 87 cm
Seat cushion depth: 65 cm
Mattress height: 44 cm
Sleeping surface: 195/135 cm

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