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Conforti corner sofa

Simplicity and elegance go hand in hand, with the Conforti corner sofa as the best proof. This classic model harmonises perfectly with modern, classic and Scandinavian interiors. Dreaming of upholstered furniture to relax in comfortably? The Conforti corner sofa provides the right space in which to do so.


Conforti corner sofas: built to last, elegantly

The Conforti is the perfect combination that everyone who loves corner sofas expects: simple design lines, robust construction and supple seating. The finish is an elegant upholstery fabric, with stylish tufting to add more expression. The two-tone colour options help you easily select the right finish to match the prevailing style of the room. The stable, proven construction and materials of superior quality means that this sofa is built to last down through the years, staying in great shape. The Conforti corner sofa captivates with its simple design lines, which is why it is a popular choice for those who prefer a refined, uncontrived interior ambiance.


Conforti furniture: comfort to dream

Upholstered furniture should first be about great comfort, to let you unwind and relax in the best way possible. The Conforti corner sofa features an optimum profile to properly support the body as you relax, taking the strain off your back. The seats are constructed with continuous springs and T30 foam, providing good resilience and a high level of comfort with enough firmness to prevent unsightly depressions or sagging of the surface. This is also a sofa bed. The pull-out conversion system means easy, effortless transformation of the sofa into a bed. Measuring 270x165x80 cm as a sofa, plus 200x126 cm as a bed, the Conforti corner sofa enjoys huge acclaim in its sector of large sofas. It makes a fantastic piece of daytime lounge furniture, and then later becomes a comfortable bed for a pleasant night’s rest.
If you enjoy low-key furniture that is delightful in its refined details and subtle accents, then the Conforti corner sofa is an ideal choice for that space in your living room.

Soft, wide seat
Stylish tufting
Profiled backrest
Sleeper corner sofa
Spacious bedlinen storage

Corner sofa width: 270 cm
Corner sofa length: 165 cm
Corner sofa height: 80 cm
Seat cushion depth: 58 cm
Mattress height: 38 cm
Sleeping surface: 200x126 cm

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