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Amore multipocket mattress

What we sleep on is very important, because the quality of our nightly rest and our overall sense of well-being depends upon it. Enjoy healthy, peaceful sleep in your bedroom by choosing the highly functional Amore multi-pocket mattress.

Amore multipocket mattress: modern evolution in comfort

Multipocket mattresses continue to win over ever greater numbers of enthusiasts. And no wonder, as they are not only robust and durable, but they guarantee healthy sleep and a high level of comfort. The Amore multipocket mattress combines heavy duty springs in separate pockets, lined with a layer of felt on both sides, plus a coconut fibre panel with two layers of soft and resilient T2542 foam as the top and bottom padding. The Amore provides a resilient, flexible sleeping surface with a good level softness and excellent support for the body. Thanks to its professionally engineered profile, the mattress maintains a proper posture for the head, spine, legs, shoulders and pelvic girdles. This helps relax the muscles and cancels out the strain on the spine while sleeping.


Amore multipocket mattress, direct from the manufacturer: for healthy sleep

The Amore is renowned for its resistance to deformation even after years of use. The superior level of resilience makes it very durable and stable, so it can easily provide excellent support for one stockier or two people. It is available in a selection of sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, making it great for children’s beds and king size beds, with adequate protection of the spine from postural defects and ensuring the best comfort imaginable.
If you want to keep your back healthy, then the Amore multipocket mattress easily meets your demands for healthy and easy sleep.

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