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Oslo Bonnell spring mattress

What guarantees good and healthy sleep is the right mattress with optimum features. If you want your spine to relax properly at night, choose the Oslo Bonnell spring mattress.

Oslo Bonnell spring mattress: advanced construction technology

Bonnell spring mattresses are very popular with anyone who values the durability and strength of these products. The Oslo is guaranteed to last for many years. This is ensured by the robust, heavy-duty Bonnell springs, secured with felt padding around the spring assembly, and 1 cm thick coconut fibre panel on the top finished with a 2 cm layer of T2542 polyurethane foam on both the top and bottom of the mattress. The case is soft to the touch, improving the sleeping quality while keeping the mattress safe from dirt.


Oslo Bonnell spring mattress, direct from the manufacturer: perfect for children and grown-ups

The firmness level of Bonnell spring mattresses is healthy for the spine, but there is more: they are resilient, attenuate impact vibrations and resist high loads. This ensures relaxed and undisturbed sleep. The Oslo is available in a range of sizes, 80/90/120/140/160/180/200 x 200 cm, which helps make it an excellent choice for children and grown-ups. Thanks to the first-class quality materials used as the filling, the Oslo maintains proper air circulation and does not cause an allergic response in the sufferers.
If you dream of sleeping in a comfortable bed and then of waking up full of energy to challenge the fresh day, select a Bonnell spring mattress for your bed. The Oslo features enhanced filling materials to guarantee a superior level of comfort while protecting your spine from strain.

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